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Welcoming City helps you find not only a job, but a career
If you never worked before, or worked only for a short time, we offer:



Welcoming City provides jobs in warehouses, hotels, or construction:

  • We offer competitive wages

  • Entry-level positions available

  • You can try different jobs and find the one that fits you

  • Part-time work and flexible schedules are available

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Welcoming City offers English lessons and job skills training:

  • Improve your English language
  • Get soft skills that help you get jobs
  • Learn about how to find a job
  • Set you up for a longterm career

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Welcoming City offers low-cost transportation to work:

  • Get a ride to work with a company bus
  • Bus stops located in your neighborhood
  • Pay discounted rates for transportation

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Full-time Jobs

If you’ve had a full-time job before for at least a year, we offer full-time job placement with one of our partners:

  • Reliable hours and excellent benefits
  • Receive support throughout the hiring process
  • Get control of your life and your future

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You're Not Alone

Watch the video below to see how Welcoming City has helped New Americans find work and fit into the United States.


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