About Welcoming City


Our Mission

Welcoming City helps New Americans find employment in Central Ohio.

New Americans are eligible to work in the US, drug-free, and have no criminal background. However, the New American workforce is underutilized, because they face unique employment barriers. Usual barriers include limited English proficiency (LEP) and the lack of employment skills: soft skills, understanding of the job market, understanding of opportunities for advancement, etc. Welcoming City is committed to removing these barriers by offering New Americans ESL and workforce development training, while providing them with temporary employment. Our ultimate goal is to put each participant on a permanent career path.

Welcoming City understands the importance of working with the receiving community to address the knowledge gaps in the areas relating to the US immigration policy, world cultures, etc. The goal of working with the general public is to promote a smooth integration of New Americans into the mainstream workforce. 


Our Impact

Welcoming City is a social enterprise of US Together.

US Together was founded in 2003 in response to the needs in refugee communities, by refugees. US Together is a state-wide organization with offices in Columbus, Cleveland and Toledo, OH.

US Together Goals:

  • Provide tools to people fleeing prosecution, tools to succeed, not just survive

  • Help refugees and immigrants build a new home in Ohio

  • Assist with the economic, social, linguistic and civic integration: housing, transportation, work, etc

A part of Welcoming City profit goes towards supporting US Together comprehensive integration programs:

  • Family Strengthening Program

  • ESL Classes & Tutoring

  • Financial Literacy Program

  • Women’s Empowerment Program

  • Survivors of Torture Program

  • And more


“Welcoming City is meant to do more than just connect employers to employees. We help diverse communities of Central Ohio transcend cultural differences, show them how to collaborate effectively in the workplace and build a brighter future together.”

— Yana Belan, Welcoming City Manager


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Our office:
1415 E. Dublin-Granville Rd., Ste. 100
Columbus, OH 43229

(614) 359-3200

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